DPO as a Service

Startup, Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Breach and Data Subject Rights

Breach notification and data subject rights (called Data Subject Access Rights, DSAR) is all covered for a low-cost monthly fixed price fee

Our team of Breach Busters take care of your breaches, and hop in to deal with personal data requests made by your clients, partners and employees (and ex-employees).

Privacy Awareness Training

Languages include: English, Swedish, Portuguese. An adapted version of this training is also sold through Cornerstones in even more languages! In total there? For a low-cost monthly fixed price fee you can have evidence that your business is training employees in what is personal data, what is processing, and why it's important!

The online course is an eLearning experience that has been developed by Privasee which is being used by many large organisations today. It is available in several languages, incl., English, Swedish and Portuguese.

Workshop - GDPR Spider

Especially designed 1-day workshop for the startup community, small and even medium-sized businesses. It's a tool to help your business help itself at minimal cost to your bottom line.

What we need from you is a single day with all your key personnel, from here you will be flying.

GDPR Kickstart Toolkit

Internally it is named the 'Pelican' because it is a goodies bag of tools any SMB can take and adapt/apply direct to their business. 

It is a low-cost downloadable kit using Word and Excel as the core components at a one-time cost of only €70.