Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The most important word in the GDPR for the DPO role is independence. This is no coincidence.

The DPO must stand in the shoes of the data subject (you, your family, friends, etc.) when making assessments on privacy risk which can often conflict with the stance on risk taken by the corporate risk team.

We understand, and our services are designed to support your DPO -if you have one- and your organisation.

In my experience, the CPP/EU-DPO Award is concrete and addresses relevant issues that one is faced with in the work as Data Protection Officer.

Additionally, the Privasee DPO support was good and it was clear that he had proper knowledge of GDPR and experience of compliance work in larger organizations. He brought competence from Privasee which we benefited from in the Swedish Transport Administration. We have also based our in-house training on Karen's and Filip's book Hands-on Guide to GDPR Compliance.

- Per Tuvall,
  Data Protection Officer,
Swedish Transport Administration

Train your DPO

Train your DPO

Privasee and our partners across the European Union have a 3-day DPO training. The first two days are theory and activities, day three is spent solving a privacy risk problem in teams. 

Upon completion of the course the learner can take a test at a Kryterion test centre available globally. The CPP/EU-DPO has been accredited by Glasgow University.

Outsource your DPO

Outsource your DPO

The goal of the digitalDPO is to reduce your GDPR operational costs and to a provider which has operationalised specific DPO functions.

Our digitalDPO is dealing with many breaches and DSARS for many clients. Within this service our knowledgebase is growing which we plan to launch to provide self-help in order to reduce costs for our clients.

Support your DPO

Support your DPO

The digitalDPO also provides expert advisory on request. Some organisations do not want to have their in-house DPO, others do, but appreciate to have help at the end of the phone, or even on-site.

Our methods are focused on finding the 'low hanging fruit', and step in on demand, basically provide peace-of-mind, that someone is there when you need it.