GDPR Privacy Champion Training in gamification

GDPR Privacy Champion training in gamification 

The course is designed for any professional wanting a fast path to extend their skill set into GDPR. It is a flexible way to learn, and it is low-cost (EUR 285), delivered by professionals at Privasee. It is a great training to empower your privacy skills or your privacy champions across the organisation.

Attain a sweeping view of the privacy landscape to become a Privacy Champion with Privasee's EAGLE training!

Great advanced training

The challenge with GDPR is to grasp data life cycle management. The education leaders from Privasee are very competent and have profound knowledge not confined to just the obvious but going well into the depths of the subject matter which helps see what is beyond the text of the law.
I recommend the e-Learning course Privasee EAGLE that can quickly transform employees into change drivers.
- Peter Hansen, Senior Operations and Information Security Consultant Cap Gemini

GDPR Privacy Champion training
- the Privasee EAGLE
Fee: EUR 285 / student 

Included in registration for the EAGLE:
- Full access to the gamification for one student.    
- Digital Badge EAGLE  for participation of all students 
- Access to the MOOC for 6 weeks

Sign up for the course directly via the "sign up here" button.
You will need to:
1. create a login in our gamification platform and,
2. choose the EAGLE course under "Public courses"
3. payment with card - Course fee EUR 285 / student
4. when payment is done you are enrolled and can begin your learning experience!

the EAGLE GDPR Privacy Champion Training