DPO training - privacy masterclass

Train your DPO or change leaders to lead the privacy programme

Privasee and our partners across the European Union have a 3-day DPO training (the Certified Privacy Practitioner Award CPP/EU-DPO). The first two days are theory and activities, day three is spent solving a privacy risk problem in teams. 

Privacy Champion Training

Train your key influencers into Privacy Champions 

Designed for key influencers (managers that treat and are responsible for personal data) to make sure that there are “privacy champions” across the organisation ensuring the daily work is aligned with the company's privacy governance.  

Privacy awareness training

Get your employees privacy aware

Our online training takes privacy to their home, family and private life and then to the workplace. It takes 20+ minutes and is so far available in English, French, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish. 

Great advanced training

The challenge with GDPR is to grasp data lifecycle management. Privasee’s delivery of the CIPP/E certification training empowered me to implement GDPR in practice.
The education leaders from Privasee are very competent and have profound knowledge not confined to just the obvious but going well into the depths of the subject matter which helps see what is beyond the text of the law. I can also recommend the eLearning-course Privasee EAGLE that can quickly transform employees into change drivers.
- Peter Hansen, Senior Operations and Information Security Consultant Cap Gemini

Fundamental tool for GDPR programme implementation 

“The CPP is a fundamental tool for GDPR compliance implementation, however I recommend clear and complete awareness on this subject before taking the course in order to take full advantage”
Maria Inês Lemos Pires, Partner, Projeto Absoluto 

Privacy for Innovators

“I would recommend anyone working with Tech and IT in the EU to have a take at this, especially the ones innovating and disrupting right now.”

- Mohammad Al-Saaid M.D.

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