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digitalDPO delivers breach and data subject rights management

The digitalDPO delivers Quality of Service (QoS).

Privasee has a streamlined service to support your organisation for breach and data subject rights management (DSARs). 

We are serving large, medium, small and even startups. We call our team the Breach Busters, why? Because this is what we do every day of the year, which enables us to optimise the processes, and provide our clients with the statistics they need in order to reduce the costs of breach and DSARs management.

Privacy awareness and DPO training

The digitalDPO empowers you to be in control.

Privasee believes in the empowerment of our clients, not dependancy. We achieve this through repeatable services, expert advisory, and knowledge transfer.  

We not only provide privacy awareness training for employees but have a unique DPO training which has earned academic accreditation. 

We give the DPO the scoping and tools to be able to walk the tightrope. The DPO must protect the data subject, it is their job. The role of the DPO is full of dilemmas and our training makes the DPO aware of these dilemmas, so they can deal with them more effectively.


In my experience, the CPP/EU-DPO Award is concrete and addresses relevant issues that one is faced with in the work as Data Protection Officer.

Additionally, the Privasee DPO support was good and it was clear that he had proper knowledge of GDPR and experience of compliance work in larger organizations. He brought competence from Privasee which we benefited from in the Swedish Transport Administration. We have also based our in-house training on Karen's and Filip's book Hands-on Guide to GDPR Compliance.

- Per Tuvall,
  Data Protection Officer,
Swedish Transport Administration

 "Taxi Stockholm started up the work with GDPR by making all our employees do the DOVE awareness e-Learning, which provided a better understanding of what personal data and processing of personal data is. We even aquired three different variants of the education, depending on which treatments you come into contact with. For example; (1) one for our call center, adapted to their work and what situations they encounter, (2) another for our office staff who processes and manages other types of personal data and situations. We are more than happy with the learning experience, the outcome, and will continue to use it in the future."

- Jessica Greus,
Taxi Stockholm 

 The challenge with GDPR is to grasp data lifecycle management. Privasee’s delivery of the CIPP/E certification training empowered me to implement GDPR in practice.
The education leaders from Privasee are very competent and have profound knowledge not confined to just the obvious but going well into the depths of the subject matter which helps see what is beyond the text of the law.
I can also recommend the eLearning-course Privasee EAGLE that can quickly transform employees into change drivers.
- Peter Hansen, Senior Operations and Information Security Consultant Cap Gemini

 I have a lot of legal knowledge about privacy and the GDPR, but I knew less about how to roll out a privacy program within an organisation and where to start. The CPP/EU-DPO gave me the confidence and the right questions to ask. I recommend this course because there is a lot of interactions with the teacher and the other participants and the exercises are very practical and useful. This course exceeded my expectations! 
- Marjolein Van Der Heide, Privacy & ICT Jurist, CIPP/E PrivaLegal

 Well Worth the Time and Effort!


As the first American to take the CPP/EU-DPO privacy training, I may say without reservation that the training program put together by Karen Lawrence Öqvist was worth my time and effort. The training put together the right mix of theory, real world experience, and discussion. The DPIA project at the end brought it all together and resulted in additional learning. An enjoyable experience - you will not regret it!

- James Casey, Attorney and Consultant, Adjunct Associate Professor, CUNY, Washington, DC, USA